Culture & History

Moreland Eagles is a football club associated with the legendary Beşiktaş Football Club in Turkey. Champions of the Turkish Super League in the 2015-2016 season, Beşiktaş prides itself with talented players and a reputable history in the sport

Moreland Eagles President Güngör Yurtseven started the club in early 2011. Beşiktaş Football Club has recruited Melbourne born and raised Ersan Gülüm, in 2010 to play as a defender in their national team. With the training and the support Moreland Eagles provide their players, Moreland Eagles also provides the opportunity for their players to transfer and play for European and World teams as well.

While the current on-field identity of progressive, attacking football is still being established, the culture aspects of the club are those of any striving community:

  • That we demand the highest standards of ourselves and each other every day.
  • That everyone is professional, approachable, driven & passionate.
  • That everyone strives to improve themselves and each other for the benefit of the club.
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